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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" ~ Hippocrates

Renew Your Body, Renew Your Health

“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in health are “heal” ~ Ed Northstrum


Fresh Start Cleanse
1 Juice | 1 Smoothie | OTWC Healing Lemonade | Salad | Soup | Your choice of an E3Live or Wheatgrass shot for a super nutrient packed day!


The Fresh Start Cleanse is a great introduction to cleansing as it offers a variety of tastes, textures and options. Whether this is your first time, you are dealing with a health challenge or you are just looking to experience an all organic diet this meal plan is for you.

The fresh start is also a great way to begin and end one of our juice cleanses. Choose a one day or many; your daily kit will be ready when you are!

Supplements may be added to any cleanse to enhance the benefits of detoxification.

Detox Enhancing Supplements

Fresh Start Cleanse Kit   

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Our Recharge Cleanse is an opportunity for your digestive system to get a break to rest and heal. This cleanse is designed to replace all of your meals for the day with nutrient dense juices. We fresh press our juices daily and every bottle has between 3-5 pounds of produce. Your digestive system will thank you for giving it a break from your regular routine. Which for many people contains at least in part elements of a standard american diet (SAD). Each juice is designed to cleanse and nourish your body. You will consume a juice every 2-3 hours which will keep you feeling full and satisfied as they are healthy and delicious.

This cleanse is meant for everyone and can be done at any time.* If you want to deepen your cleansing experience you can continue this cleanse for an indefinite number of days or perhaps begin a routine of using this or another cleanse every month or at the change of the seasons.

Supplements may be added to any cleanse to enhance the benefits of detoxification.

Detox Enhancing Supplements

Recharge Cleanse Kit   

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5 Cold pressed low sugar juices | 1 Chia shot | OTWC Healing Lemonade | 1 Elixer | Choice of: E3 live or Wheatgrass shot | Add a liver flush $10

The Cleanse
Juices | Mylks | OTWC Lemonade | Raw & cooked foods


“The Cleanse” is one of my favorites!  We have specific supplements that can accompany this cleanse or any other cleanse which can help to enhance the overall effectiveness. This cleanse was created by Deva and Kartar, friends and fellow Yogis. Yoga can be incorporated to bring benefits to your body, mind and spirit. It seeks to provide an even deeper experience of the self, giving you knowledge and support for changing habits that no longer serve you.

You may choose to do this cleanse for any length of time. However we recommend 7-10 days. You may continue beyond by adding more days or one of the extension Rejuvenation Cleanses listed in the next section. We will facilitate 10 day cleanses as a group at least four times a year Please Check our events calendar for upcoming dates.

Supplements may be added to any cleanse to enhance the benefits of detoxification.

Detox Enhancing Supplements

The Cleanse Kit   

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30 day follow up programs to The Cleanse ~ 4 GREAT PROGRAMS TO CHOOSE FROM!

Balance and Establish Program: Helps you to assimilate the changes you experience during your cleanse, while solidifying and maintaining the new dietary habits you established.

Liver Cleansing: Continues the process of liver detoxification initiated in your cleanse.

Weight Loss Program: Assists you in shedding unwanted pounds with special supplements and a dietary plan allowing you to tip the scales in an easy and healthy way.

Candida Resolution Program: Designed to balance yeast overgrowth and maintain a healthy balance. Ideal for those who have candidiasis or a sensitivity to yeast containing products.


According to Yogic tradition it takes 40 days to change yourself at a cellular level, break old patterns and 90 days to establish a new habit in its place.

(40) Days: The Cleanse + 30 Days: Rejuvenation Continuation = TRANSFORMATION!!!


The 30 day Rejuvenation Continuation Programs include:

30 day supply of nutritional supplements, Ayurvedic and Chinese herbs tailor made for you after you complete The Cleanse or as a stand alone program.

30 day meal plan full of healthy combinations to help you build lasting eating habits. Choose to make your own food, supplement with our meals, or let us take care of everything while you focus on YOU!

Supplements may be added to any cleanse to enhance the benefits of detoxification.

Detox Enhancing Supplements

Rejuvenation Cleanse Kit   

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