Welcome To Our Community

At On The Way Cafe, we place a great importance on the community that we are lucky to be a part of.

We hope to make an imprint on the community in a multitude of ways.

Which is why we are asking YOU to share you ideas.

Us to You

● Come see us! We will be at the Village of
Thiensville Farmers Market, Strawberry Fest,
and many more local events.

● We are dedicated to being involved
in our community.

● Where would you like to see us?

How Can We Help?

✓ Forum with local support needed

✓ Charity/philanthropy to align to

✓ What Can We Do More Of?

You to Us

Whether it is to escape your office,
your home, or your normal routine;
On The Way Cafe is dedicated
to provide a tranquil, health-conscious space
for you to feel welcomed and gratified.

Our tasty menu, friendly staff and
harmonious atmosphere provides the perfect
getaway for any type of function.
Host your next book club, meeting, or gathering
here at On The Way Cafe!