Every time you eat, it's an opportunity to nourish your body.

Hippy Bowl   14.5
Tofu soaked in a lively tamari almond ginger marinade
and baked to perfection. Served over a choice of grain
and greens, carrots, sprouts and sunflower seeds,
topped by a tasty tahini citrus miso dressing.

Samurai Bowl   15.5
Grilled teriyaki marinated chicken, a choice of grain,
served with sesame slaw, and a sweet and sour sauce.

Cajun Bowl   16.5
Blackened salmon using our special spice
blend, a choice of grain and greens, and
“Mama’s” spicy sriracha sauce.

Fiesta Bowl   15.5
Your choice of grass fed ground beef or house-made
walnut taco meat, served with fresh tomatoes,
green onions, lettuce, shredded cheese,
choice of grain and a fresh pico de gallo
and cilantro lime crema.

Mediterranean Bowl   16.5
Grilled marinated grass fed beef served with a garden fresh
chimichurri sauce, choice of grain and greens, fresh
seasonal vegetable and topped with an
aromatic herb vinaigrette.

Cheese   1         Avocado   2.5          Turkey Bacon   3

House-Made Sauces
• mama’s siracha
• pesto
• chimichurri
• teriyaki sauce
• balsamic glaze

• sweet and sour sauce
• cilantro lime crema
• cucumber yogurt raita

• pico de gallo
• herb oil
• tahini citrus dressing
• red pepper cashew cheese