Scrumptions Salads

Indulge in Health

Soups and Salads

We achieve great tasting food by starting with the freshest

and cleanest ingredients, locally sourced whenever possible, and lovingly prepared.

Hail or Kale Caesar   10.5
Crisp romaine lettuce and/or lacinato kale tossed with
house-made croutons, parmesan cheese and a
lively house-made caesar dressing.

Taco Salad   12.5
Crispy romaine lettuce mixed with seasoned, grass fed
ground beef or walnut taco meat, guacamole, salsa,
and a fresh, house-made fiesta dressing.

Greek NutFeta   11.5
Crisp romaine lettuce, kalamata olives, tomatoes, cucumbers,
with choice of either a tangy regular feta cheese or a
delicious nut feta. A classic favorite garnished off
with a house-made Greek dressing.

Quinoa Cobb   15.5
Chopped greens, quinoa, tomato, all natural turkey bacon,
chicken breast, egg, avocado, green onions and feta cheese.
Choice of either our tarragon vinaigrette or creamy ranch.

Roasted Beet Fennel Salad
& Goat Cheese   
Mixed greens with slow roasted beets, shaved fennel, currants
and creamy goat cheese. Topped with nuts or seeds
to make this a complete meal salad.
Light and satisfying!

Harvest Salad  10.5
We start with a mix of fresh greens and add to these
the best vegetables the season has to offer.
Topped with nuts or seeds and dried fruit.
“A surprise salad” Your choice of dressing.